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One Dollar Lawyer (천원짜리 변호사/One Thousand Won Lawyer) is a Korean legal drama series directed by Kim Jae-hyun, starring Namkoong Min, Kim Ji-eun, Choi Dae-hoon, Lee Deok-hwa, Park Jin-woo and Lee Chung- ah alongside other cast members. Namkoong Min was last seen in 2021 The veil, while Kim Ji-eun was last seen in Still my life.

The series picks up SBS’s Friday-Saturday timeslot at 10 p.m. KST, which was previously occupied by Today’s Webtoon. One Dollar Lawyer episode 7 has a duration of 66 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as follows:


— One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers —

One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7 begins with Yang Sang-gu, the CFO of JQ Construction, attempting to commit suicide in an old, dilapidated building. He sobbingly tells someone on the phone to keep his promise and ends up ending his life (or so we think).

At Baek’s law firm, Joo-young and the other law firm members discuss how to handle Ji-hun’s aggressive attack on Ki-tae and how to deal with it all without harassing JQ’s CEO too much. Joo-young later watches Ji-hun’s interviews and reflects on his idea of ​​justice.

The next day, Ji-hun and the Deputy Attorney General argue when the latter asks them to do a written investigation. Ji-hun’s stubbornness also works on Min-hyeok and Ye-jin, and they also take his side to feed their conscience. In the end, they get approval for Ki-tae’s presence only once, and Ji-hun has to do whatever it takes to get it right this one and only time.

Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7

As the day of the interrogation arrives, Ki-tae assures a doubtful Joo-young that he has nothing to hide from her after she tells him she won’t represent him if he keeps secrets. In the interrogation room, Ki-tae assures Ji-hun that he knows nothing about the embezzlement and asks Ji-hun to find Sang-gu first.

Calm and serene, Ji-hun asks him why he killed Sang-gu, or rather why he told the manager to die. Ki-tae tries to turn it on himself and even acts like he’s the last person to talk to Sang-gu, then giving 5 million won to his wife isn’t that bad. However, when Ji-hun tells him that while talking to Sang-gu wasn’t a crime, telling him to kill himself definitely was.

As Ki-tae becomes aware, Joo-young asks for a short break and the two lawyers share a respectful look. Later, Ki-tae confesses his crime to Joo-young and Ji-hun even presents the evidence on the spot when Ki-tae tries to tell his attorney that the prosecutor doesn’t have any evidence. Now annoyed, Joo-young tells her client that pushing someone to end their life carries a punishment akin to murder.

In a flashback, we see that Ji-hun had, in fact, saved Sang-gu from ending his life on that fateful day.

In the present, Ki-tae is arrested for pushing Sang-gu to suicide and luckily for him, he is not dead. This absolves Ki-tae of being charged with murder, and his happiness at seeing Sang-gu makes the poor manager rather worried. Anyway, it’s clear that the way Ji-hun solved this little problem made Joo-young quite happy!

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Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7
Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7

In accordance with the bet they had made before the mess started, Joo-young takes Ji-hun out to feast. In the humble establishment, they share food and share banter, and it’s pretty clear that she has a crush on him and the feeling is also clearly very mutual. It’s cute to see them sharing pollack and ribbing each other.

Before they go their separate ways for the night, Ji-hun promises to find out where the slush fund went. As the investigation continues, Ji-hun goes through the files day and night, while drinking coffee from the vending machine. One day, while having said coffee, Joo-young meets him and asks him out on a date, of course she can make him smile a third time.

At the bar, Ma-ri is rather aware of what happened to the story – both with Ki-tae and with Ji-hun’s relationship with Joo-young.

As we once again return to Ji-hun’s story, it’s clear that figuring out where the money went won’t be a straightforward process. Anyway, Ji-hun comes up with a rather ingenious process to find the person driving the car who carried out the illegal money laundering process. He gets the information from him quite efficiently – it’s a job well done for the whole team!

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Later, Ji-hun goes to meet his dad for his birthday, but the meeting is cut short when he realizes his dad has the same car the guy told him about that night. Back at the office, he replays his father’s speech that day and thinks back to when he became a prosecutor, a rather tender moment for him.

The next day, with the names of the cars with the registration number in hand, Min-hyeok starts sorting through people to land on one person – Kim Yoon-sub. Ye-jin later tells Ji-hun that whatever he decides, she will be by his side. However, he must choose whether or not he can investigate his own father. With a rather difficult decision ahead of him, Ji-hun’s thoughts are shattered when Joo-young suddenly encounters him.

He asks her what she would do if the worst-case scenario came true, and she tells him that she would continue the investigation, no matter what that entails. Later that night, Ji-hun goes to meet his father, and the two go out to eat jjajangmyeon, Ji-hun’s comfort food. It’s a rather uncomfortable situation since Yoon-sub doesn’t really know why he’s here, and Ji-hun can’t think of anything but his father’s involvement.

Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7
Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7

That night, Yoon-sub asks his son to help him become prime minister so he can fix things in their country. However, Ji-hun, following what his father taught him, refuses to bow down to him and tells him that he will do it on his own. Unfortunately for him, at work the next day, Yoon-sub makes a surprise appearance at the DA’s office as he heeds the summons given to him.

As the investigation begins, it becomes clear that Ji-hun is struggling with the questions he asks his own father. Although Yoon-sub tells the prosecutor that he doesn’t remember taking money from Ki-tae, he gives Yoon-sub a piece of evidence that he is sure will change his father’s mind. . Meanwhile, outside the interrogation room, the other members talk about grooming Yoon-sub to take responsibility for all the dirty work unaware that their conversation is being secretly taped.

In the interrogation room, Ji-hun and Yoon-sub wear headphones and listen to the entire conversation. After everyone leaves, Ji-hun tells his father to let him help him so that those who took the money won’t run away and leave him, taking the blame for everything.

One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7 Ending

The father-son duo start discussing who Yoon-sub gave the money to and try to figure out how to defend themselves. As they relax for the night, Yoon-sub decides to go home alone, not wanting to draw attention to Ji-hun dropping him off at his car. However, Yoon-sub, instead of going home, decides to end his life so he doesn’t get in trouble, which poor Ji-hun realizes too late.

As he mourns the loss of his father, he picks up a strange call on his father’s phone, asking the mysterious caller who he is.

One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7 Review

Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7
Still from One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7

One Dollar Lawyer Episode 7 continues with Ji-hun’s backstory and not shy about telling us anything and everything. Although much of the story is left for tomorrow, you can’t help but get an idea of ​​what happened to Ji-hun and Joo-young in the wake of his father’s suicide.

The episode was quite emotional, with some pretty notable moments. Honestly, the show picked up really well, especially the lighthearted moments between Ji-hun and Joo-young. They offer great respite from an otherwise dark history of corruption and the heartache of losing trust in loved ones.

Honestly, I’m waiting for the show to pick up a little more pace. But that being said, Ji-hun’s past seems to be a rather dark but interesting place – and the question remains: who was the mysterious caller who pushed Yoon-sub over the edge?

Also, let’s hope we stop the romance with Joo-young. I think his character shares a great chemistry with Ji-hun. It would be really embarrassing if Ma-ri also started seducing our protagonist!

One Dollar Lawyer is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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